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Reward for good Zoom reviews

Zoom Video Conferencing

Reviewers of Zoom raved about the software's video conferencing abilities, with only a few minor complaints about these features across the reviews on G2 Crowd. Check out what users said below.


Zoom review by Lee P.
Best Tool for video conferences!
By Lee P. on Jul 19, 2016
Forum Trainer at Entrepreneurs' Organization

Zoom is incredible for video conferencing! It also has lots of great features like being able to record a conversation and chatting during the conference. PLus it is easy to use. Read more >

Zoom review by Christian R.
Best Video Conferencing tool I've used
By Christian R. on Oct 19, 2016
Product / Project Manager and Science Educator

Zoom has the most stable and highest quality video connection I've experienced so far, and it's a piece of cake to use. So far I've used VTC products from Apple, Adobe, Join.me, Skype, and GoToMeeting. Each has their own ideal use case but for direct person to person, multiple meetings, and even webinars I haven't seen anything that combines the power and flexibility of Zoom. Read more >

Zoom review by Denise T.
Making Meetings Easier
By Denise T. on Sep 08, 2016
Project Manager at OneHope

Zoom always works wonderfully when I am on international calls and with multiple people. The video and audio work better than any other video conferencing system I've used. I love that it has multiple ways to join - via phone or computer, and that it's easy to set up meetings and share the information with others. They have an ID number that you can type in if you sign in to Zoom or you can easily click on on the unique link. Read more >

Zoom review by Craig B.
Zoom brings face to face meeting and makes it easy!
By Craig B. on Jan 20, 2016
COPE Certified, Optimal Health & Lifestyle Coach

Super easy simple video conference solution. If your business is people then face to face meetings are the ticket. Zoom allows you to get in and out with ease. Read more >

Zoom review by JC Q.
The ideal screensharing tool
By JC Q. on Dec 07, 2016
Customer Data Platform | Data Management | Enterprise Security | Treasure Data

Zoom is a very robust and easy to screensharing/video conference tool. I appreciate the high quality video. The ability to choose specifically which screen or desktop window to share is very easy. The ability to connect to different audio sources. Private chat versus group chat. Recording on demand - choice uploading to cloud or computer. Read more >


Zoom review by Anonymous
Solid video conference software with some small quirks
By User in Computer Software on Aug 02, 2016

I dislike that it shows your own video feed zoomed way in, and any efforts to set this to a zoomed out view in preferences doesn't persist. I also have occasional video and sound distortion, but, as with most video conferencing apps, it's likely due to connectivity problems. Also, occasionally the Chrome extension will fail and I'll need to restart the browser. This is fairly rare though. Read more >

Zoom review by Michelle K.
My Favorite Video Conferencing Option
By Michelle K. on Jul 26, 2016
The Michelle K • Business Fixer + Efficiency Expert

The only thing that I can even come up with is the placement of one of the windows when in a video conference in condensed mode can be a bit tricky, but it is such a minimal thing I really had to think for some time to come up with something I didn't like. Read more >

Zoom review by Kelsey S.
A better Skype
By Kelsey S. on Oct 25, 2016
Editorial Assistant/Project Manager at Idea Architects

My one complaint about Zoom would be that it typically requires a download in order to be used for video conferencing. I (and our clients) would prefer if this wasn't necessary. Read more >