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ZoomInfo is a growth acceleration platform delivering accurate and actionable contact and business information to empower your sales, marketing, and recruiting teams.

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Different plans and pricing levels are listed by edition with associated cost and features. Final cost negotiations to purchase ZoomInfo must be conducted with the vendor, and ZoomInfo can be contacted by clicking the “Price Quote” button above.

  • Community
    $0 / month
    Join more than 100,000 ZoomInfo users who automatically share their business contacts in exchange for free access to ZoomInfo.
    • 10 Data Credits/ month
  • Pro
    Our professional sales prospecting and research solution for your enterprise team. Leverage the most advanced targeting solution on the market. Integration with Salesforce®, and advanced viewing ability.
    • Flexible Data Credits
    • Unlimited Contact Views
    • Multiple Users
  • API
    Integrate ZoomInfo's just-verfied B2B data and advanced search tools directly into your application
  • List Builder
    Power your campaigns with highly accurate B2B information to target prospects and drive revenue with ZoomInfo's new self-service marketing platform.
    • 20+ Search Criteria
    • Save Your Favorite Searches
    • Preview Search Results
  • Data Services
    Our marketing data experts will assist you with your database needs, improving database quality, standardization, helping appropriately add to your database, or even analyzing your data to uncover key insights and opportunities.
    • Customized Prospect Lists
    • Append & Clean Your Database
    • Email Address Validator
    • Customized Data Services Bundles
Pricing information for ZoomInfo is supplied by the software provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase ZoomInfo must be conducted with the vendor.
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