A content strategy tool that helps marketers maximize the impact of their social media properties.

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Zuum is a social media analytics and reporting tool that data into intelligence. No social media analytics tool gives you a better data view for maximizing the impact of your social media properties. Here are a few of the features and capabilities of Zuum that users appreciate.

Full Competitive Data: From performance benchmarking to detailed analysis of your competitor’s social media influencers and partners, Zuum gives you the most complete view of your industry landscape.

Content & Campaign Analysis: Benchmarking is great, but content analysis is where you go to increase your ROI. Whether your analyzing a competitor’s hit campaign, or digging into your own posting to find what content drives performance, the info you’ll find in Zuum will give you a new perspective on what social media tactics work in your industry.

Data Across 7 Networks. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Even Google Analytics for your brand. Zuum leaves no stone unturned in giving you the best picture of how your brand performs, and what you can do to increase the impact.

Full Facebook Insights Data: Zuum has every Facebook page and post metric. Instantly available. We fully utilize the complete Facebook data set, because if you want to know what’s really going on, you have to look below the surface.

All your data in one place: if you’d ever spent time putting a report together where you had to jump from one data source to another, you know the frustration. Zuum puts everything you need within a few clicks.

Zuum Details Provided by: Doug S.

Zuum Details Provided by: Doug Schumacher

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A content strategy tool that helps marketers maximize the impact of their social media properties.
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