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Inkscape review by <span ue="safe-name" data-safe-name-id="492c9d7e-9b8b-495a-964d-9a67f4f7851f">Nicolas H.</span>
Nicolas H.
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What do you like best?

Most interesting in Inkscape is the lightweight approach, combining with a near équal potential and deepness regarding other classics of vector creation softs.

Inkscape brings other solutions for doing nearly all you can with this kind of program plus mindfull tools you don't even expect to find.

What do you dislike?

Maybe the unability to dock panels in little "stocked" areas, managing space might be rather tricky for the first approach, but again it's a matter of time, things just work differently, even if tools are not so easily accessible.

Maybe the best way to learn might be for the first steps to re-create situations encountered before, and you will logically found a way to achieve things rather quickly.

My critics might be more on the way to handles layers, really unfriendly and heavy using..

Recommendations to others considering the product

Place it in comparison with "regular" official softs, and began compare every point of it, considering the all equation.. Things might not appear so biased.

Start to think of the massive community of users behind the soft, and loads of open forums regarding this.

You will always find a way to get answer and solve your problem.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Just create vector graphics, some logotypes in my own expérience.

My need for this work was to vectorize hand drawn typography, i do love drawing letters

(and it helps avoiding fonts copyrights troubles) and i immediadely found the automatic shape

recognition engine more than helpfull, might be even better than Illustrator one..

The more classic point, beziers and shapes is totally effective, and geometric tools really handfull.

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