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"Get things done in a cross-functional team"

What do you like best?

- Offers great flexibility that lets you tailor the product to your team's process of getting things done together

- Configurable fields

- Support for agile processes

- Powerful search using a built-in query language

- Great reports

- Supports asynchronous workflow, works well with distributed teams

- Ability to create sub-tasks and link tasks together

- Once you get a hang of it, you start collaborating and keeping track of things pretty efficiently

- Great integration with Confluence, their wiki product

- Integration with source control - e.g. view pull requests attached to an issue and their status

- An decent ecosystem of third-party add-ons and integrations with other services

- Despite the downsides listed below, this is the best issue tracker that I know

What do you dislike?

- Slow. High load times by 2015's standards

- The UI is somewhat heavyweight, but they're constantly working on polishing it

- Although JIRA is very configurable, it's not always possible to get it to work exactly the way you'd expect

- Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a weird state in a product - issues not showing up on the board, issues not transitioning to the desired status, fields being unavailable, permissions issues etc.

- Minor usability bugs here and there undermine the impression of product's robustness

- Not the cheapest product, pushes you to buy into the entire ecosystem of Atlassian's products (that are good, nevertheless)

- Terrible notification system. You get an email for every single update of every single thing you're subscribed to. JIRA doesn't batch notifications in any way. There's a 13-year bug to fix that:

Recommendations to others considering the product

First consider something simple like Trello. If you feel like that's not enough, look into JIRA. When comparing JIRA with other tools of the same caliber, consider how they integrate with your existing tools like wiki, support desk, source control, build system, CRM, etc.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We are a cloud software company and we use Scrum in our workflow. We started with Trello boards to manage our sprints, but additionally used Mantis just for logging bugs. Such setup required lot of content duplication and manual work, had poor organization and pretty much didn't have any sort of report generation. We switched to JIRA + JIRA Agile (now rebranded as JIRA Software) in an attempt to clean up this mess and scale our process as we grew. While JIRA definitely has a learning curve, and is yet to be come _really_ friendly for non-development teams, it addressed all the pain points mentioned above. That said, it is a larger and bulkier product that comes with some trade-offs, but it brings more value than the effort it takes to maintain itself as a tool.

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