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MailChimp review by <span>Nasim M.</span>
Nasim M.
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"Excellent Email Template/Subscription service"

What do you like best?

-easy to use interface

-can create new accounts for clients/multiple accounts

-can schedule emails to be sent out at specific times and dates

-can see who clicked on an email and how many times

-can see data on how effective e-blasts are

-can import/export contacts

-easy to include gifs/videos and link images/text

What do you dislike?

-I wish it was easier to sort contacts and create groupings based on industry/sector, etc.

-I wish I could organize campaigns in a better manner and separate sent emails from in progress emails

-I don't understand the member ratings nor have they been helpful to me

-sometimes I have issues copying and pasting text in emails or trying to format things as fonts will just change in size or weird line spacing will be introduced

-mobile preview on the website really isn't helpful or accurate; I have to send test emails to my phone and look at them there

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

-Mailchimp is crucial in updating our clients on what new projects we are working on and also reaching out to prospective clients and generating interest/project leads