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"MS Azure"

What do you like best?

They have a pretty nice look and feel to their UI and it seems alot easier to navigate than AWS. The service offerings are more straightforward and seem like they are geared towards enterprises rather than small development shops.

Overall, they provide a good IAAS product and also are leveraging their SQL Server and other products in Azure as well...so it's a nice solution all-in-all. I also feel like they don't have a ton of extraneous services like AWS does, so they are filtering a bit of the noise out. Another good thing.

What do you dislike?

In all my research, they have typically been the most expensive provider to deal with. I feel like they have an advantage against AWS that they don't exploit because they are a more familiar name. That's really the one complaint I have is their price point. They should be in the same price range as AWS.

I also would like if they had a free tier as well. Something AWS offers that they don't. They have a free trial, but it's only for a short time. I'd like to see the free tier for a year deal.

APIs-- AWS does a slightly better job of linking up with Cloud management software from Cisco + VMware. Azure is behind in this aspect. They need to catch up here and can compete with AWS here too.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Do the trial first and try it out for free, start with non-critical workloads and put them out there. Also, proof of concepts are good things to put in the cloud as well. Dip your toe into Azure and determine how you like it.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We are developing Cloud strategies for clients and helping them figure out what workloads can go to the cloud and which ones cannot. The benefits we have realized are providing them with flexibility to expand as needed and agility to adjust quickly when business needs change. The cloud is great at providing that, but we are also help them figure out what to put in the cloud. Alot of people struggle with that.

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