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"Better than most, the 80/20 of CRM, and designed for Sales People not pencil pushing Managers"

What do you like best?

Speed. User Interface. Zoho is mostly a more efficient, easier to use, more cost effective CRM. There are certain capabilities that are possible inside more costly CRMs that Zoho does not have but generally these alternatives, while industry leaders, are innovation laggards. Zoho is significantly faster to complete the same task from the user standpoint... Rather than making a CRM for the admin which isn't as friendly to use, Zoho seems like it was designed to allow the sales person to get in and out of the software as fast as possible - of course this is the real goal of CRM... sales productivity

What do you dislike?

Can't setup product kits or packages

Duplicates can happen but they are easy to manage in Zoho

Integration with Outlook Client/Exchange is decent but ALL CRMs could have better integration (and consistency of data between a client side email software and any CRM is not only the responsibility of the CRM...)

Still need it to be faster - 3 columns rather than just 2 would allow for better screen real-estate usage.

Setting up quotes was a pain the the butt... that is the one area I needed help on in this implementation just because of how laborious the process was... as well as the small idiosyncrasies between the code that was developed and the way this code was interpreted for the Zoho PDF export.

Recommendations to others considering the product

Better than Salesforce in most ways for a small to medium sized business

Support is good, access is near immediate, but they tend to ask stalling questions, like "how are you" - I'm infinitely great, thanks! Would prefer to get to the meat and potatoes of the discussion. If I had the time to meet with the Zoho support team randomly in the supermarket I would love to chit chat about a great many things and especially learn more about their lives and interests, while I am trying to address my sales team's ability to sell efficiently nothing matter beyond the immediate challenge.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Customer Relationship Management

Faster quoting

Faster opportunity tracking and process workflow

Faster everything related to sales

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