Grid Scoring Methodology

G2 Crowd scores products and vendors based on ratings and reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. We apply a unique, patent-pending algorithm to this data to calculate the customer satisfaction and market presence scores in real time.

The Satisfaction rating is affected by the following:

  • Customers’ likelihood of recommending the product to others (this is the question we use to calculate the star rating)
  • Satisfaction ratings gathered from questions in the review
  • User ratings of features specific to a particular category of software
  • The number reviews received on G2 Crowd; buyers trust a product with more reviews, and more reviews means a more representative and accurate reflection of the customer experience.
  • How recently the review was submitted; reviews that have been written or updated more recently receive a higher weight to help more accurately capture the rapidly evolving nature of software.

Note: The customer satisfaction score is normalized for each Grid, meaning the scores are relative and products appearing on both the right and left of the center line.

The Market Presence is affected by the following:

  • Number of employees (based on social networks and other public sources)
  • Social impact based on Klout score, Twitter, and LinkedIn followers
  • Market share based on share of voice including number of reviews received
  • Momentum based on web traffic and Google search trends
  • Age of company (number of years in operation)
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement (based on social network ratings)
  • Revenue and year-over-year revenue growth rate (if available)

Note: The factors above are calculated for both the software providers company and the individual product (if the company has more than one product). The Grid algorithm prioritizes the market presence of the product over the market presence of the company as a whole.