Awesome Marketing Automation Software

10 / 10

HubSpot provides a great marketing automation platform that allows me to focus on delivering measurable value as a marketer. The all-in-one aspect gives me the necessary tools and analytics to manage inbound efforts from one dashboard. Quick and easy integration into provides the sales team useful info on leads. The training (both on-boarding and free ongoing training) are invaluable. Last but not least – the tech support is outstanding.

Sometimes the rate of new feature releases is hard to keep up with but, overall no real complaints.

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If your company is ready to view the marketing world from an inbound perspective, then you should definitely consider HubSpot for your marketing automation platform. When evaluating different options look out for solutions that require consultants for implementation and ongoing support. As I mentioned above, it’s great to know that support from HubSpot is just a phone call away and doesn’t require a pricy consultant engagement.