HubSpot's continuous improvement is driving online marketing forward

10 / 10

Some of the things I like the best are the ease-of-use of the product. I've set up landing page/form/email combos before using several different systems, and when I do it with HubSpot, the best thing is how FAST it all is. With the whole system integrated, I can follow a simple process for getting everything I need put together in about a quarter of the time it would take me to do it piecemeal. Plus then all of the information gets pulled into one central database and unifies all the useful metrics that I want to watch.

The product is also evolving, and has really reached the point where it's no longer filling in missing pieces but building out new possibilities for marketers. With features like social inbox and the Content Optimization System, they're "skating to where the puck is going" instead of where it is.

There's a few areas where I'd like to see improvements. On the analytics, I'm used to having it be a little more free-form with something like salesforce or google analytics. While I appreciate the analytics they highlight, it'd be nice to be able to dive deep into some of the stats that are being collected but not made available, or presenting them in new ways.

The business problems we're solving are two-fold: One, we're generating leads from our website using inbound methods. Two, we're demonstrating the ROI of our online marketing in the most precise way possible. Everything we do can be attributed to leads and customers, which is a powerful proposition.

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For others considering HubSpot, I'd make sure that you have the staff to support a baseline level of activity (10-20 hours a week), or else have budget available to bring on board a partner to help you operate it. That might be one of the biggest pitfalls that many companies face after purchasing - not directing enough resources towards the initiative for it to create meaningful results. You also want to have reasonable expectations. If you have a fairly active online marketing presence, then HubSpot will work well to complement it. But if you're starting from scratch, be aware that results can take between 5 and 7 months.