Rob W.

Providing turnkey web design, web hosting, and Unified Communications solutions.
Member Since April 15, 2015
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NameRob W.
HeadlineProviding turnkey web design, web hosting, and Unified Communications solutions.
Skype IDfacebook:webidextrous
BioWebidextrous provides turn-key web services and consulting for all kinds of enterprises: from small sole proprietorships to global corporations, and everyone in between. The usual way to obtain professional web services is to scour the web looking for agencies. If you find one that meets even a few of your business objectives, you'll spend days and even weeks trying to get the engagement going and some work produced. Don't put yourself through that. At Webidextrous, we have ready access to talent who can work at your convenience. On day one we can get your initiative off the ground, and at an affordable price. We also won't leave you in the lurch when the project is underway. We'll handle the project management for you.
Company Size2-10 employees

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