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Business buyers complete 57% of the purchase process before engaging with a vendor. One of their main sources of information early on in that process? Online reviews. In fact, 85% of tech buyers read up to 10 online reviews before making a purchase. Ensure you’re making a good impression on these prospects through your listing on G2 Crowd, the source for b2b software reviews from real users.

Partnering with G2 Crowd

Working with G2 Crowd is a partnership between our customer advocacy experts and your marketing, sales and customer success teams.

What can G2 Crowd do for you?

Real User Software Reviews on G2 Crowd

Capture your hard work and investment in customer success in a public forum

Use your customers to tell your story. You’ve worked hard to build a great product and ensure customer success. Encourage your current customers to tell their story on a 3rd party review site where your future customers can find you. Displaying this level of transparency builds trust with prospects before they contact you, and builds brand awareness during the search for solutions.

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Increase the odds of getting on prospects’ radar and short-lists

With the G2 Crowd Grid℠ and our software comparison tools, buyers can easily find and evaluate b2b software solutions. Even if a buyer is researching your competitor, having a presence on G2 Crowd increases your chances of getting into the conversation.

Honest reviews offer invaluable insights to prospective buyers

Differentiate your offerings with an active, knowledgeable user network

Your customers who use your product everyday have the knowledge and experience that your prospects want to tap into. By channeling this knowledge and energy into detailed, balanced reviews, your listing on G2 Crowd can deliver valuable insights to those considering your product. In addition, prospects can compare products, highlighting the strengths of your products vs your competitors.

Filter Reviews to find users just like you

Reduce effort in the reference process by enabling prospects to find their own customer references and help prospects make faster decisions

Instead of reaching out to the same handful of customer references time after time, point your prospects to a single resource with insights from potentially dozens or hundreds of your customers that they can explore at their convenience, and find testimonials that are most relevant to their use case. With G2 Crowd, prospects don’t have to take your word for it, they will trust real user opinions.

What can’t G2 Crowd do for you?

G2 Crowd works hard to earn and maintain the trust of our community of reviewers, software users, and technology buyers. As a result, there are some things we just won’t do:

We won’t remove a verified review just for being negative.

We do not allow employees to review their products.

You can’t ask for for positive reviews, only honest ones.

You can’t pay for placement or advertising.

Read more about our Community Guidelines here.

As a marketer working to promote your brand in the best light, this can be scary. We’ve found (and research proves) that products with negative reviews, dissenting viewpoints, and complaints are not a bad thing. In fact products with some negative reviews are seen as more trustworthy by consumers.