Kevin T.

    Great Solution For a Mid Sized Business

    "The software has a lot of power but is also incredible simple to use. Ease of use is a big concern for us because we have several people who could use the software if they understand how to. The interface does a really nice job of giving you control as well as functionality."

    The Best Choice for PDF Management

    "Wondershare's PDF Element Pro is a suite of software for the creation, editing and viewing of files in Adobe's Portable Document Format. Simple to use, PDF Element Pro is nevertheless powerful, permitting the creation and manipulation of text, graphics, links and attachments through an intuitive, uncluttered user interface. The optional OCR plugin is accurate and easy to use, turning even..."

    Haluk A.

    PDFelement 6 Pro is a substantial improvement on the previous PDFelement 5

    "I have been using the PDFelement 5 for several years. Version 6 Pro has a better interface. It is also more intutitive and compared to competitors like Adobe it is simler to navigate. I like adding text with ease, the almost flawless oening of scanned documents, making text and picture amendments. Also converting the word and pdf files are easier. It keeps the tables and charts in proper..."

    Stephanie C.
    Project Manager-System Analyst at [Currently in Transition]

    PDF Element 6 Mac Software Review

    "1. All the drop-down tools that are familiar with using Mac software is almost gone. The idea is to go to toolbars with descriptive text underneath each command. 2. Change text change is simpler in 6 than in 5. 6 allows the user the ability to change multiple items on one panel and not clicking another icon for the information. 3. The ability to convert the PDF file to Microsoft Word,..."

    Edward C.

    A Beautiful Update to a Great Application

    "I like a lot about this version of PDF Element 6. But, the most pleasing is the User Interface. In version 5, the tools were presented in a non-intuitive way, making it a bit confusing to edit documents and create forms. In version 6 the interface has been overhauled to my delight. At first glance, the tools are in the same place, but the difference is that they standout better for easy..."

    surya k.
    Literary and Cultural Research

    An Easy to Handle Pdf Application

    "The application is light-weight and hence launches pretty fast. The user-interface is simple, yet powerful and convenient. The OCR function seems as effective as that of any other software in the market (I have used Acrobat reader, nitro pdf and nuance power pdf)."

    Otto S.

    A good alternative to Adobe Acrobat

    "PDF Element 6 is easy to use, its intuitive and can quickly be learnt. It's faster than the previous version. Compared to the previous version, the user interface has improved a lot - thanks. The software is very comprehensive and powerful. Features that I like most: - (very) fast document conversion to Word, Excel, PPT and other file types - Fast OCR detection, also supports..."

    Dean L.

    Easy to use, but powerful PDF editor.

    "PDFelement 6 Pro is a very intuitive and powerful PDF editor that does everything I have needed it to do in order to edit and modify my PDF documents in a very efficient and effective manner. It has surpassed my expectations in terms of easy of use and power when editing PDF documents. I have used other PDF editor programs as well as PDFelement 6 Pro and, while all of them have powerful editing..."

    Hassan K.
    Carpenter/Quality Finishing at The Minto Group

    When a product exceeds your expectations

    "PDFelement is the best software i have ever used to edit a PDF file, it made my experience so pelasant, simple ways to edit a file and add whatever you like to, its very reliable & straight forward, i recommend everyone to give it a try and see for them selves, never again worry about your hand writing as this software is made to make you fill & print any PDF file with ease and make it look..."

    Dana M.
    Researcher/Administrative Assistant

    Best PDF program that I have ever used!

    "I love how easy it is to edit and convert documents into PDF. It makes it so easy for an office that is fast paced and I do not have to worry about having a slow program. I will and already highly recommend this program to all businesses that would need to have it. I have used several different ones in the past and this by far has been the best that I have seen and used."