Katrina M.

    Perfect for Teamwork

    "Keeps communications and projects organized. "

    Ryver was a good help in organizing communications

    "Ryver has this alternative name for groups called "Teams". I was involved in organizing the college cultural fest so that name suited us. We had all these different teams for different events that were to be held so each team had their own group on the same app. We could post topics that were pushed up to the top as latest discussion. If previous posts were important we could "promote" them to..."

    Eduardo M.
    Aluno na Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

    Excellent team collaboration platform

    "Ryver is a superb platform for teams to communicate and work together, with simple but efficient file sharing tools. The feature that I liked best from ryver is that it is a really helpful messaging and information exchanging platform for free. Normally a free program isn't as complete as ryver, but this program, with its straightforward design and features can really assist a team to develop..."

    Joel A.
    CEO, Co-founder at PressFriendly

    Straightforward chat and task app

    "I've used Slack and Hipchat in other environments, but really like using Ryver. It's very easy to use and has everything our team needs. The recent addition of a task app is seamless."

    Peter W.

    Used in our Church Office, immediately made a huge difference

    "Ease of use & the ability to communicate in a team environment in a direct way, without a mountain of emails"

    Steve C.
    President, Caleb Works Inc.

    My experience with Ryver

    "At this juncture, the search/file management features so I don't have to remember exactly where I put something. Additionally the ability to add members and guests and teams from one platform. I had been exploring different solutions with limited success until I came across a video comparing Slack to Ryver, It is remarkably robust and scalable, more then I would ever expected regardless of..."

    Ricardo M.
    Sales Director at OI

    Great experience with free collaboration and communication tool

    "The best feature about Rver, in my opinion, is the fact that it has ulimited users and guests spots in a forum/team together with unlimited message search. Also, it has a really clean and organized interface that facilitates the interaction and file sharing between users."

    Rafael Eduardo C.
    Jefe de División Aseguramiento de la Calidad at Banco Central de la Rep. Dom.

    Great group communications app!

    "* The task management options, and great group communication abilities. Everyone is on the same page using ryver. We share documents and collaborate in an effective manner thanks to Ryver. The task management is excellent and easy to use. Just set up a workflow, and off you go. You can easily drag a task to the next step when you need to. It couldn't be easier. * Unlimited uploads With..."

    Anuradha W.
    Senior Software Engineer at IFS

    Slack for free

    "We were using Slack before we heard about Ryver. It had the same features and options slack provided, but for free. No limits, no restrictions, no charges. Ryver performs very well as a collaborative tool and helped our team manager our daily work thru instant communication as well as "like" and comment using "Posts" functionality in Ryver"

    Brad C.

    Great communication platform for small teams.

    "Ryver functions as a messaging platform and forum, with simple file exchange. Maybe not THE BEST part, but certainly a HUGE factor is that Ryver is FREE! It organizes and functions a lot like slack. I really like the simple formatting (although full markdown would be better) and the way link previews show up."

    Kevin M.
    EVP & GM of Brand Division at Majority Strategies

    Chat without Tasks makes you a slacker

    "UX that works the way business people do"

    Arnoldo V.
    Commercial Manager at Frontera Radiators & Parts Inc

    Great Communication Tool

    "The fast and convenient communication that we have in our company"

    Fernando G.
    Product Designer, UX/UI Designer

    More benefits than the competence

    "I like that they offer more benefits than the competition in their free plan. I also like that it is a mixture between forum and group chat, it is possible to create conversation channels as in other similar products, it is even possible to add bots and other add-ons to increase productivity."

    David S.
    Managing Member at Avid Communications | Cyclist | Urbanist | Old-Home Owner

    Ryver has quickly become essential to our business operation

    "Easy to understand. Provides just the right level of notification, so it doesn't become annoying but delivers the notification where and when you need it. Great for team collaboration. Easy to attach additional documentation to Chat and Posts. Easy to include people outside of our company in a Team Chat."

    Mario V.

    Ryver review

    "Ability to have a single point for team communications without depending on the clutter of emails along with the ability to manage tasks, team members and multiple projects. Simple to use software for a variety of users with different experience levels."

    Dr. David G. B.
    Founding Director and Senior Mentor/Teacher at Cascadia Living Wisdom School

    Exceptionally happy with Ryver!

    "The functionality of this service is outstanding. Our teams find the service to be intuitive and comprehensive for our needs. "

    Dr. RJ G.
    Principal / Waters International Development Consulting

    Out team is communicating better in the Ryver

    "Simple kanban task management with a low learning curve and good communication tools built in. It really helped my team bring organization to project management."

    David A.
    Software Engineer at Puppet

    Rapidly evolving communication platform

    "As a non-profit organisation Ryver stood out over its competitors with a free solution that did not limit the message search history. This was VERY important to us. The threaded "Topics" allow for important discussions to be tracked and archived. With more linear chat tools this valuable information is often lost in the noise of a channel. Ryver is actively developed and new and useful..."

    Phillip K.
    ICT-advisor at Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune

    Brilliant alternative to Slack or Workplace

    "Ryver is really easy to use and for our use is a better match than the others since it has a task module, which the others don't. It easily integrates with lots of third party applications, and support has been very quick to respond. "